A Primal Dance


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“Ceci n'est pas une pipe†(This is not a pipe) by Renà Magritte illustrates (in every sense of ‘illustrateâ€) that he did not paint a pipe. No matter how accurate one is to rendering a pipe, it will never be a pipe, just a mere depiction or illustration of a pipe. If one were to carve, drill, and shape briar wood into a pipe, then you'd have a pipe. This is all quite obvious when spelled out, although oneâ€s first reaction is that the painting is a pipe. This Renà Magritte painting speaks so much about the illustration of something vs. the embodiment of something. Everything has an intrinsic size. I could make a 100†X 100†painting depicting ecstasy, but I could not then scale it down to 10†X 10â€, and with the same the result. An appropriate title of the new 10†by 10†painting would be “Ce n'est pas de lâ€extase,†“This is not ecstasyâ€. Therefore, if that is the only goal is to representing or illustrating physical objects, scale doesnâ€t matter. Yet, weather you are representing physical objects, splattering paint, or the other, scale is intrinsic to sentential experiences.