About people and bikes


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People are divided into those who ride bicycles and those who do not drive. And those who drive, refer to bicycles as a living being. And those who go on foot does not apply to bicycles. Well, maybe, as a strange piece of iron. If you ask about my attitude to cyclists, then I'll tell you - no! I do not belong to them, but why would someone not to go on this? This picture painted with oil paints on natural canvas. The horizontal size is dictated by the compositional tasks. "Empty" white background shows us the loneliness of man in the modern world. His bewilderment and thirst to communicate with loved ones. And if not close friends among the people, they are looking for among the bike. Picture multilayered and maximum contrast. Contrast is designed to enhance the basic idea of the work. Deliberate graphic quality image does not give any chances to distract your thoughts. The form and the color palette chosen so that the picture could brighten any modern interior.