Abstract Gold Red Ochre Splash


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(Dec. 2018) Unframed painting-Ready to hang-sides will be painted to match the painting. 24 x 48 x 1.5 (18 layers) Gallery Wrapped Cotton Canvas. Textured/Layered Abstract Painting. Painted with palette knives. The color tones I have used in this painting are earth tones. I have used a varied amount of colors: Skin Tone, Yellow, Gold, Orange, Red Ochre, Ochre, Silver, White, and Black. With this painting-I was focusing on rock tones-I will leave it to each individual's imagination as to what they feel and see in this painting-as I have done with many other paintings. I have a base of white primer which I layered 13 times, then-I have created 2 layers with Dark Red/Ochre. My last 3 layer have a combination of colors. I have left open some of the under layers to give perspective and character. There are small details that are hard to pick up with my photographs. The painting can be hung 4 different directions-so there is 2 Vertical hangings and 2 Horizontal hangings. Felt pads included on backside corners. Signed on the backside and Certificate of Authenticity included with the painting 1/1. ***PLEASE note: Lighting will make a huge difference in the mood of this painting-as with any painting. Overhead/Canned/Spot Lighting is the best or indirect Lighting. Never direct Sunlight. Wall colors also will make a difference with a painting. I have taken my photos outdoors with overcast skies..except for the very last photo which I took in Sunlight. I have used 200 ISO with my camera to take these photos. When posting my painting photos I always have the original painting next to me to assure the photos I add match the original painting.