Abstract Red Ochre Patterns


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(Feb. 2020) Unframed Abstract Acrylic Painting. Sides will be painted to match artwork. Use of Gallery Wrapped Cotton Canvas 15 x 30 x 1.5. (8 Layers) I like building my canvases with layers of paint and thick strokes. There is a richness by doing this for this painting and many of the paintings I paint. The top layer has 2 bold Red patterns with Copper accents and 2 additional small Red patterns. I have added additional lines and strokes with Gold, White, Black, and small Teal highlights. Below the top layer there are 2 other layers with a blend of White and Ochre patterns to give character and depth for the canvas and for the top Red patterns I have focused on. There are 2 Vertical hangings on the backside and 2 Horizontal hangings on the backside. Felt pads on 4 corners to protect the wall. Golden Professional Archival Gloss Varnish Spray has been applied to protect the painting. Certificate of Authenticity included 1/1. **Please note I have taken these photos which are posted in Sunlight. With the painting in mind I have done my best to capture the true colors as shown on the canvas. I use a Canon Rebel with 200 spd. **Lighting will be important for this painting or any other painting to bring out the brilliance of the colors. The use of overhead lighting/spot lights are best for paintings and also good indirect lighting. Wall colors can change the mood of a painting as well. So always keep this in mind.