Ankylosaur Bony Armor


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Painted from actual fossil; Paint mixed with ground charcoal matrix from working fossil quarry in Utah; painted on 300 lb cold press watercolor paper. I volunteer as a fossil preparator at an amazing natural history museum. Like most people, I am fascinated by dinosaurs, and beyond that, I was surprised to feel a deep and comforting connection with paleontology--fossils are messages from the past and our future. My goal in painting is to present fossils in a visually interesting way to encourage others in developing a sense of continuity of the earth and our lives in the universe. I use watercolor to focus on the beauty and diversity of fossils, combining the science of paleontology with visual exploration of fossils. I work in a paleo lab at the museum, and also at quarry sites throughout Utah (Dinosaurland) where I have collected charcoal matrix which is removed from around the bones. I mix watercolor paint with the ground charcoal, so that the subjects of the paintings are truly millions of years old.