Be More (Magic Blox)


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David Bethune's multiple exposure photography is now available in limited edition 1" thick Magic Blox hand polished acrylic crystal. Each piece is signed by the artist and numbered. Find endless decorating options with 4x6" Magic Blox. This image was made at the Centre Pompideau, Paris's modern art museum and my favorite building in the world. The entire site is a profound example of Renzo Piano's architectural genius, hanging as it does so effortlessly from unique internal trusses which leave vast, open space inside for the art. Outside a super-futuristic series of escalators attracts a city square full of picnickers, musicians, and café voyeurs who come to revel in its magnificence and the energy that the building creates. The color is Wassily Kandinsky's Yellow, Red, and Blue, a piece which hangs in the same museum. While researching my legal rights to use his painting, I discovered that Kandinsky died 70 years before I took this picture, exactly the amount of time allowed for copyright to run out under current international law. All culture is a remix and I'm honored to be able to see and co-create with artists like these men.