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Lagoon Nebula series is a combination of my ongoing collections Hydroexperiences and Skyexperiences. It is inspired by textures and color sensations of the universe and creatures in it. Nature is always my greater inspiration. Nature inside us, around us, and further away. Yet, all is one. Reminds of land texture in a unique combination with water, expressed in the art language by color in blue hues, black background and gold elements, as well as by art resin and its wet, transparent sensation. A harmonious and yet explosive result, a journey definitely exciting. Bizarre is part of the Lagoon Nebula in Blue series. This series has even more refined texture, more interesting details and blue as major color, instead of turquoise. It is painted with art resin and acrylic paint on canvas. A thin layer of varnish protects the artwork against UV light and dust. Because of the resin gloss and the highly textured surface, small areas of gloss in some photos, could not be avoid. It is signed on the back and accompanied with certificate of authenticity. The artwork is ready to hang. It doesn't need frame, it is painted on the edges with the colors of the painting and has a single hanger. The artwork will be carefully packaged. Buyers outside E.U.: All import duties and taxes are handled by the artist's courier. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the artist. ---------------------------------- "Nature, colors and materials inspire me the most. I follow the potentials of the materials, in a free, gestural process, which reminds of free associations in psychotherapy and meditation. I see one point and the whole, almost at the same time, again and again. I release and I hold, add and erase, again and again. I let my instinct and emotion flow, observing carefully how the elements of art communicate with each other. I usually use...