?ÇÿCanola and Flax’ by Mike Grandmaison


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?ÇÿCanola and Flax' by Mike Grandmaison Portage La Prairie, Manitoba. Canada Inclement weather, while not entirely pleasant to work in, can create opportunities for excellent photographs. On this particular day, the sky was heavy with clouds and the landscape was - well - quite ordinary until the sun broke through the clouds momentarily to illuminate the yellow band of canola field while keeping the clouds and the field of flax in the foreground in the shade. It created a very simple, abstract composition of cool and warm colors which remains to this day one of my all-time favorite images. From my book ?ÇÿMike Grandmaison?ÇÖs Prairie and Beyond?ÇÖ (2012) Gicl?? photographic print Printed on Hahnem??hle William Turner fine art archival paper Laminated Signed & numbered, limited to 10 Certificate of Authenticity included All materials are archival Prints are securely packed and rolled into a wide tube for safe shipping. Insured courier service is included for all patrons.