?ÇÿLone Polar Bear?ÇÖ by Mike Grandmaison


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?ÇÿLone Polar Bear?ÇÖ by Mike Grandmaison Churchill, Manitoba. Canada I am almost always delighted to encounter wild creatures, great or small, rare or common. While I don?ÇÖt consider myself a ?Çÿwildlife photographer?ÇÖ per se, I do enjoy photographing animals. Sharing those exquisite moments when we encounter fellow beings from the animal kingdom in the wild is the reason I photograph wildlife. Photographing animals is no easy feat either. Besides the expensive equipment needed, one requires knowledge of the subject, excellent technique as well as a considerable amount of patience, simply waiting for creatures to show up or to present themselves in a way that creates an interesting image. Far too often, the setting is not ideal, with much clutter surrounding or obscuring the creatures. Sometimes however you can isolate your subject with the aid of a long telephoto lens as I did with this lone polar bear walking along the frozen tundra in the distance. Gicl?? photographic print Printed on Hahnem??hle German Etching fine art archival paper Laminated Signed & numbered, limited to 15 Certificate of Authenticity included All materials are archival Prints are securely packed and rolled into a wide tube for safe shipping. Insured courier service is included for all patrons.