?ÇÿTrees in the Mist?ÇÖ by Mike Grandmaison


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?ÇÿTrees in the Mist?ÇÖ by Mike Grandmaison Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario. Canada The ?ÇÿNorth Shore?ÇÖ of Lake Superior is one of this country?ÇÖs remarkable drives, in any season. It?ÇÖs a rugged landscape sparsely inhabited but offers some of the most picturesque scenery. For more than three decades since I moved out West, I have driven the ?ÇÿNorth Shore?ÇÖ more often than I can remember. I have passed by Fenton Lake in Lake Superior Provincial Park often, imagining the sweet light on the islands nearest the shore. But it was actually on a rainy day that I captured my favorite image of this area. The rain was coming down hard as I passed this location. There was something so simple and elegant about this view that caught my attention this particular day. I found a safe place to turn around on the TransCanada Highway and headed back westwards, parking on the very narrow shoulder. A few transport trucks blazed by, spraying water all about. Capturing this image required that I photograph the scene from the open hatch at the back of my car, through an open window on the front passenger side. By the time I opened my door and ran to the back of the car to open the hatch, I was completely drenched. With an 80-200mm lens attached to a camera mounted on a sturdy tripod, I framed the scene and made a few compositions. A shutter speed of 1/3 of a second allowed the falling rain not to register as streaks in the image. Instead, it created a rather ethereal quality of light, with a simplicity that betrayed the occasion. It looked more as if a heavy fog had enveloped the scene, which is often the case in this area in the spring and fall. Quite unexpectedly then, I produced one of my more memorable images under very adverse weather conditions. From my book ?ÇÿMike Grandmaison?ÇÖs Ontario?ÇÖ (2015) Gicl?? photographic print Printed on Hahnem??hle William Turner fin...