?ÇÿWhirlpool Lake Reflection?ÇÖ by Mike Grandmaison


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?ÇÿWhirlpool Lake Reflection?ÇÖ by Mike Grandmaison Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba. Canada Riding Mountain National Park is essentially an oasis of boreal forest surrounded by prairie landscape most of which has now been transformed into agricultural land. The park however is teaming with life and I have spent much tie traveling its back roads in search of images. On this particular occasion, I was scouting some locations at Whirlpool Lake for an upcoming workshop when the storm clouds dispersed enough to allow the setting sun to light up the landscape! The light show lasted only moments but I was prepared to capture it. This image will grace the cover of my new book ?ÇÿManitoba: Land of the Unexpected?ÇÖ. From my book ?ÇÿManitoba: Land of the Unexpected?ÇÖ (2016) Gicl?? photographic print Printed on Hahnem??hle German Etching fine art archival paper Laminated Signed & numbered, limited to 10 Certificate of Authenticity included All materials are archival Prints are securely packed and rolled into a wide tube for safe shipping. Insured courier service is included for all patrons.