Dare to do it!


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"Dare to do it!" is bold, it is crazy, it is punchy, it is edgy. It needs somebody, who is this himself. Nothing for the faint-hearted. A bright and colourful diptych, the main colours are pink, green, blue and yellow. Mixed media / collage. In a really colourful painting phase I started "Dare to do it!" as a black and white painting, I wanted to refrain from the colours. It was nice working black and white, apply collage elements (paper), get some texture on the painting... But as if by an invisible hand the colour came back on my brushes, and it turned out to be a great piece of work! So, just "Dare to do it!". You can hang "Dare to do it!" in different ways - they belong together, but they work as verticals or horizontals, so they are not signed on the front but signed and dated on the back (have a look at the close ups). Sealed with a silky glossy varnish. The painting are sold unframed and has to be framed (the frame in the photographs is just an example). Both paintings have a little white rim (about 1 cm) around, so you need no mount. Each piece 70 x 50 x 0,1 cm | 27,6 x 19,7 x 0,1 in.