Discopter in Flight


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This print is an articulated view of a Discopter in flight, floating through the night sky above the San Francisco Bay, with a crescent moon overhead. The Discopter is dissected in a cross-section to show the activities of the passengers and crew of the ship, which include drinking cocktails at the bar, playing shuffleboard, and smoking a pipe by the window. It is a leisurely scene, and everyone is engaged in relaxed activities, but humorously, the old-fashioned ship's wheel in the dome-shaped cockpit is abandoned --- everyone is busy, but no one is piloting the craft. This image imparts a palpable feeling of adventure and excitement, of a fantastic journey that is at its beginning, and, like the Discopter, is full of unrealized potential. Limited Edition of 1000, Duotone prints 22"h x 28"w Print is color of second photo.