Discopter: Promenade Deck (Medium)


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Dye-infused metal print. Ready to hang. Promenade Deck Alexander G. Weygers created the concept art for the Discopter with the intent of showing what his design was capable of, but in the process, he also created a vision for what the world could become. Inspired by early designs for the helicopter, the Discopter was designed to revolutionize transportation in a way that had never been seen before, with vertical takeoff and landing, the ability to land on both ground and water, and a futuristic circular shape. Weygers envisioned large passenger ships with windows all the way around the edge of the disc, so that people could look out over the landscape as they traveled. The open design and glass walls in this print create a feeling of openness, almost as though the passengers are soaring though the sky without restraint. This Utopian vision for what public transportation could be is a fascinating idea for a tomorrow that never came.