Gardener’s Helper


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Susan Blackwood paints a variety of subjects, and children are one of her favorites. About this image, the artist says, "God selected this print before I ever painted the original. He knows that it will speak to many, many people, young and old. I felt, even as I painted it, that the gardener was the Lord and each of us is like the little innocent child trying to be of help. He uses what each of us can do for His good. I am thrilled that my paintings, through Somerset Fine Art, will now be able to speak to the hearts of the world." Susan also adds, "This painting started with a photo of my niece from years ago. In the photo, she was playing in a sandbox, but I placed her in a garden, added a kitten similar to one she had at the time, and added the bucket. I wove this composition together to create this little tender scene in the spring."