his own blood


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Original, mixed media abstract art painting on fine art paper by Michel Keck. Quote in this work is from Nietzsche and reads: of all that is written, I love only what a man has written with his own blood. Since 2003, I have been incorporating my favorite scriptures directly into my Christian inspired paintings. I have, for a very long time now, been intriqued by the massive power of words... not just the words of scripture but words in general. The words we are surrounded by either positive or negative impact can impact our days & shape our lives. Throughout the years, up until very recently, the lyrics of the music that I would listen to while creating would often title my paintings. A word, or a full lyric that would just strike me during the creation process that just spoke to me in the moment of what I was feeling or identifying with at that particular moment. For years I have surrounded myself in my home and my studio with the quotes that inspire me.. that encourage me.. that lift me up.. give me strength. Quotes from my favorite authors, spiritual leaders, musicians, artists, etc. I have now started a series of works to share my favorite quotes through my abstract paintings.