Innocent Times


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This piece represents the colours of a more innocent time. The primary colours of our childhood when our paints were red yellow blue and green and the paintings looked innocently wonderful. It hints back to more innocent times the 60's perhaps with the hues of The Beatles Sgt Pepper album cover, or the colours of the London underground lines, Christmas wrapping, neopolitan ice cream, battenberg cake, iced buns sweets and candy before artificial colouring was banned. Somewhere along the way, our childlike feelings of innocence and freedom can get smothered by responsibility and the general noise of society and modern life. However our inner child and all the joy and fun still exists within our core, we just have to turn the noise down and look for it. A large modern abstract painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. Painted in retro hues. The technique looks random and easy to achieve, however these take quite a bit of planning to create a balance across the whole piece built up over several layers, and keeping control over the tonal quality is quite difficult.