Into the Garden by Ferjo


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"Into the Garden" by Ferjo. Medium:ÿ Limited Edition Print on Canvas. Details: Hand signed and numbered. Dimensions:ÿ 18 x 25. Retail Price: $900.00. Most of Ferjo's works take place within an abandoned interior. In most pieces Ferjo pays homage to the masters. Modified versions of Magritte, Van Gogh, Picasso or Miro adorn the walls of his interiors, where you see more evidence of his mastery of painting. Reoccurring symbolism you will see in all Ferjo artworks includes the ?Egg? which represents birth or new beginnings, ?Bubbles? which represents imagination, ?Pencil? which points to or leads to the canvas, ?Fish & Butterflies? which represent freedom and ?Strawberries? which represent the freshness of life.