Into the mist


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I do not restrict myself to any single style of painting, but rather suit the style to my mood or to the particular message I want to relate. However, I am particularly attracted to Impressionism and street art - because they are methods which allow me to reflect my feelings as they are at the time, quickly and honestly. The truth is, though, that I have a deep passion for a variety of media: sculpture; drawing; painting.

I always had a deep connection to art, and despite having to focus on practical and financial considerations for some time, it was always fundamental to my outlook, and I increasingly began to insert an aspect of art into my daily life. Now, in later life, I can finally give my art the time and energy it deserves.

I live and breathe art, and traveling around the world and experiencing different cultures - I was born in Cuba, have lived in Spain and Miami, and currently reside in North Carolina - I am able to incorporate all of this awareness into my creative process.