KECK Triptych 3 Panel Abstract Art Grouping


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This triptych, 3 piece original on paper set, is available to purchase in this three piece grouping as shown or each painting can be purchased and hung independently. Please see my other Zatista listings if you wish to purchase any of these paintings by itself. This triptych will be available to purchase unless any of the pieces in this set sell individually and then this listing will obviously be removed. Purchased separately each panel is $600 or when purchased as a triptych you pay only $1,400 ($1,800 if all three purchased separately). Framing is required. Original abstract mixed media painting. I incorporate a number of mediums into all of my abstract and mixed media works. This original abstract on paper was created with acrylic paints, oil pastels, and graphite as many of my abstract works have been since I started painting full time in 2003. This work was created while listening to Hayes Carll and the title of this work is a lyric from one of his songs. My original works hang in private and corporate collections in 30+ countries world-wide. My original paintings and mixed media works have been requested to be used by several different television and motion pictures sets for decoration. I've been commissioned by such upscale department stores and bar/restaurants such as Nordstroms and Bar Louie to create for them original mixed media pieces . My original pug collage being personally requested by actress Sigourney Weaver to be set decoration in her movie Chappie.. I am proud to say that my original paintings hang in the collections of both new and seasoned art collectors alike. My original pieces hang in the homes of both first time art buyers as well as billionaire art collectors. Each collector is as important to me as the next and I cherish the ability to do what I love for a living because of all of those who support my art. If you have any ...