Lightswitch in the Dark


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'Lightswitch in the Dark' is part of a series entitled 'Dead Houses'. They document the traces left behind in the home after the death of the occupant. Many of the series are images where the home has been left for a long period, abandoned. Objects occupy the space left by the former inhabitant, untouched. The series was inspired by experiencing the cultural difference and practices of reassigning possessions/property after death.

This offers a challenging mediation on materiality versus spirituality. Are these just the 'objects' we live with? Do we imprint our personalities on these inanimate objects? How can we explore the traces and memories of domestic habitation?

'Lightswitch in the Dark' is an Archival Pigment Print on 270 gsm Archival Cotton Paper. The edition of 25 hand numbered and embossed prints have been approved by the artist and comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.