Mosaic Squared


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This original Preston M. Smith (PMS) painting was painted with the highest quality materials and will make a statement in your space. This is a unique and original PMS abstract oil painting and was painted with my own personal mantra in mind: Beauty, Color and Texture. This piece is an oil painting on wood that has both the characteristics of a mosaic and the bold colors of a Miro painting. The cool blues and turquoises invite you in with a calming charm, while the violent reds and pinks shout for your attention. This abstract piece has both beautiful color and depth. One of my all-time favorites! Note: This painting is painted on wood and comes in an elegant black frame. Paintings in context pictures may not be completely to scale. This painting is signed on the back and includes my Certificate of Authenticity. Â 2015 PMS Artwork. All rights reserved.