my home and my heart I


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my home and my heart I is a 70 cm/27.56 in H x 70 cm/27,56 in W, 3,8 cm/1,5 in deep mixed media painting. Travelling through Spain, I found the following quote sprayed on a wall: "My home and my heart are never closed: let the birds, the friends , the sun and the air come in." (Marcos Ana) Home is confidence, trust, hope and love. The birds are flying home. What and where is home? Home is an inner feeling. Coming home is sprayed and handwritten. Birds represent having wings of possibilities, freedom of flight, precision and timing, perspektive, vision and individuality. Imagine the feeling of being a bird and flying high! Working process: First, I let fluid acrylic color flow while rotating the canvas. Once the drying process ist complete, I add another layer of fluid color, and repeat this technique for a couple of days. This method allows me to achieve a unique and truly very special level of transparency and intensity. On top of these layers, I add gestural writing using soft pastels and watercolor pencils, and create color-shaping effects with expressive thick brush strokes and transparent spray paint to balance my artwork. This expressive artwork is painted on high quality canvas. It is ready to hang, edges are painted. The signature is on the right front. It is varnished for protection against UV light and dust. You will receive a signed certificate of authenticity. You will love the positive vibes and bold energy of this painting. A statement piece for your home!