My name’s Blurry Face, and I care what you think.


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I have been obsessed with music ever since I was little kid. When I discovered a band I liked, I would voraciously listen to every single song they recorded. I no longer get that obsessed about music, and, as I've gotten older, I've been moved by fewer and fewer new bands. I heard 21 Pilots for the first time a few months ago, however, and I felt about them the way I used to feel about bands. I didn't think I was capable of it anymore! Anyway, this title is a line from one of their songs, and I was struck by the vulnerability and self-awareness of the lyric, which was written by an adorable and absurdly talented and extremely successful singer, who, on the surface, has no reason to have any insecurities or doubts. This painting is acrylic and oil and pastel and chalk on deep-profile canvas, wired and ready to hang.