Nouveau Monde (80 x 80 cm) – Painting by Jean-Claude BARTHEL


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The painting of Jean-Claude Barthel Jean-Claude Barthel has the taste of space, and the evocation of the color. His paintings are indeed abstract games where the lines and shapes reminiscent do they represent the elements such as water, fire, earth or air. Passionate about painting, the artist works in oil or acrylic, glaze, color overlays that give his paintings a shimmering effect and sensitive sails, tangled on a light colored background. The painter also shows a gesture that gives movement and energy shapes and colors. The titles of the works are as many possible paths for the viewer invited to dive into the light and color spaces: here the "Irish Sea", where the "Cosmic Life" or the "Red Earth". The paintings are not so radical abstractions but rather formal research may make us feel the intangible elements, the lightness of a wave or the freshness of the sea: "Painter, I am creative and (...) I paint the cosmic world in the making. (...) I build a world where I escape, the moment of a canvas with the meeting of the viewer and the creator, the same desire and the same quest. "