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Title: You Make Me Crazy Year: 2016 Size: 20" x 16" x .125" Media: Paper, paint, pastels, charcoal on canvas board Artist: Michel Keck I create my mixed media abstract collage works by the layering of different media to give these works great texture.. form and dimension. Each torn piece of paper, found object or scribble has its own appropriate place within the work to tell the story. This original, abstract, mixed media painting combines paint, material, paper, vintage photography, and material. Often times when I am painting I title my works by lyrics or song titles of the music I am listening to. Other times, usually when I am creating a mixed media piece, one of the images or pieces of material that I use in my work 'reminds' me of something or makes me think of something. I've been working as a full time professional artist since 2003. My original works and fine art giclee prints are in private and corporate collections in over 30 countries around the world. I often work one on one with individuals who are personally choosing artwork for their own private spaces in their homes/offices. I also have close working relationships with several interior design firms in the U.S. and abroad who help their clients find the perfect piece of art for their interior design projects. I have been blessed to work on many corporate projects as well from medical offices and hospitals, to law firms to veterinarian offices, colleges, restaurants, movie theatres, department stores, television, motion pictures and more. Some of my corporate projects include working with many of Nordstrom's Department stores across the U.S. to create original mixed media pieces for their Savvy Departments. In 2014 I worked with the creating mixed media pieces for the Bar/Restaurant chain Bar Louie. My work was chosen by actress Sigourney Weaver to be used as set dressing i...