Palm Springs Environs


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The sun beats down across the California desert walls and its cracked dry ground was hard as a rock. You could see windmills in a distance of the heat wave turning in slow motion as salt seeped from my pores and stung my eyes as I wiped it off. I continued my journey step by step a little closer to home. Palm springs just a few more miles but I knew it would feel like a trip across the world. As I become closer to the melting asphalt of the highway, I could see the herd of tarantulaâ€s scurry across. Amazing the insects that lived within this hell of heat wondering when and how their next prey would arrive. This desert gave no mercy to anything that lived here Yet cactus thrived on the San Bernardino winds that blew. Even with the sun setting, my blood still boiled from the heat and the mountains gave no relief with it shadow bearing across. Coyotes ran across the plain thinking I was their next meal but little did they know I had other plans about retiring. As the night came upon me, so did the cold air through this hollow valley which I traveled. Finally out from its brutal environment, I looked back and realized the beauty in the distant darkness outlined knowing I would take this trip again in time... Acrylic on canvas board