Peace into the Storm


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Recently I have prepared a series of paintings for an exhibition and could not stop thinking about peace and how much peace we all and this world still need and how difficult it is in times like we have now. There is a lot going on in this painting like there is in the real world and all we want is some peace and quietness. The little dove represents all efforts we human beings make to bring peace into out own lifes! The small dove is flying into the sky and trying to bring peace is a synonym for a new chance in life, a new start, new promises and so it is a symbol of hope. Every day, we start a new life and make it better. 80x80x2 cm, Acrylic mixed media on Canvas. Signed on the back, ready to hang. Looks even better framed in a white or silver floating frame (see examples). Certificate of Authenticity included. (c) Gesa Reuter 2018 Please be aware that colors may differ on different monitors. This painting contains a lot of different blue, turquoise, gold with some white. It has some texture due to the many layers of color on it. The golden color will sparkle a bit when hit by light!