Plate XXXVIII – Atragene Alpina, Linn. Le Clematite des Alpes [blue brid flower]


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Pierre Joseph Buchoz, 1731-1807 A selection from Les dons merveilleux et diversement coloriés de la nature dans le règne vegetal, ou collection de plantes précieusement coloriés, Paris:chez l'auteur, 1779-1783. Dimensions:11" x 18 1/2" Condition: Very good Atragine Alpina is more commonly known as clematis or blue bird flower, it is native to the mountainous regions of Europe. Original hand-colored engraving on fine, laid, chain-linked, water-marked paper.Embellished by the iconography of the best engravers of the period, this is one of the more important works of Pierre Joseph Buc'hoz and is remarkable for its great attention to color and detail. The black border around the image lends itself to being used as an outstanding framed piece. Pierre Joseph Buchoz was born in Metz and studied medicine, botany and natural history. ***** ***Item reduced to $1 if you use Arader Galleries framing services for this print***