Purple Decanters


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My recent prints explore the sheer pleasure and sensuality of color and form. The circle, the target, the mandala, open fields of color filling the eyes and expanding breath down into the stomach, the center, the core have exploded out of the center of my obsession with the flower and vessel form. I experience pure beauty and pleasure in their making. These simple, pure, and timeless images heal through their visceral and meditative qualities. I take respite from an unrelenting and aggressive environment in the creation of these highly saturated, colorful life size totems. Like an archer aiming for the bull's eye, concentration and calm focus are required. The center is off center. It is not perfect, but we perceive it to be perfect. Seeing through our eye, the pupil, the target is always moving, but we keep trying to aim for the center, aiming for balance and perfection, an illusion to be in control. Throughout history the human need to create beauty and order out of chaos, has sustained and restored us through immeasurably challenging times. The world may be going to hell, but I am printing yellow and it feels great!