Regatta (3)


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Collection «Selected Seascape Art» * * * «… when observing «Regatta», it is clear that the inspirations of abstraction run far deeper; the harsh and structured edges utilised translate into the rough tides through which the ship must navigate suggesting an inclination to push the boundaries of art through the use and understanding of nuanced artistic techniques». * * * «Diana Malivani. Critical Analysis» by Timothy Warrington, Art Critic, 2019 (International Confederation of Art Critics. Chianciano, Italy) * * * For the Artist, seascapes represent an inexhaustible source of inspiration. A principal goal of artists depicting seascapes is to convey the «music of the sea». Diana believes that seascapes created on canvas should awaken in the soul of the viewer the desire not only to participate in the subject of the painting but also to hear the «music of the sea». * * * FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING