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Iâ€m not sure if the title is a warning or a command. I almost called this work the sacred conversation. In the great history of art it was a popular name for depictions of virgin Mary with the baby Jesus surrounded by the saints of that particular village. The sacred conversation is that inner knowing in the portraits. Here it is animals, galloping away and towards each other, by our direction. And then I nearly called it Will To Power. In reference to Nietzscheâ€s concepts of the drives of man and the darkness that can lead us to… These were the things I was thinking, but it is also just the indulgence of a horse painting. The joy in galloping and snorting, the flared nostrils and whipping mane. The looseness of the steers skin, the fright in his eye, the black and white hide holding onto the ripples of his muscles as he runs away. I feel empathy for him, and I feel excitement and domination all at once.