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Sankofa: This is an original hand-painted Unstretched Acrylic painting with a high gloss finish with beautiful flowing textures. Not a print or reproduction or mass-produced painting. This is a ONE OF A KIND artwork, it?ÇÖs signed by the artist Vincent Keele on both the lower left front and lower left back of the painting. This Painting comes with a grommet in each corner for hanging. (* If you do not want the grommets, please let me know at the time of purchase.*) ?Çó Dimensions: 22 H x 30 W x 0 D |56 cm H x 76 cm W x .1 cm ?Çó Medium: Acrylic Paint and Texture ?Çó Materials: Gloss Varnish, Unstretched Canvas, UV Protective ?Çó Ready to Hang with 4 Grommets (* If you do not want the grommets, please let me know at the time of purchase.*) ?Çó Signed on the Lower Left Front and Lower Left Back ?Çó Signed Certificate of Authenticity with Artwork Photo ?Çó Sides: Artist Signature Vermilion Color. Personally, I feel the viewer should be left to interpret what they see and feel as they view the artwork. I love to hear what people think about my paintings. I have had so many great conversations from the viewer's interpretations. However, at the core of the painting, I focus on life energy, mood, cognitive thought, and meditation. My Artistic Principles: Color: I want to stop the viewer right away and connect them to the painting. I use color as a way to create a bond with the viewer with colors that speak to the chakras. Composition: For me, it is an honor to hang on someone?ÇÖs wall, so I do my best to give the patron the best composition I can. Communication: Every painting starts with deep research on the subject to be painted. I want the artwork to educate, inspire, and give the viewer a place of happiness. About My Signature Orange Edges: My orange edges pay homage to the artist of the renaissance era and the romantic painter J...