Signs of Life- Past/ Present


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From each of the simple moments in our life, a complex pattern of experience emerges that we choose to call our own. My imagery represents a mix of: interpretations of my past; a meditative presence in each moment and thoughts of my future yearnings. Using birds within the context of their surroundings as my muse and metaphor, this body of work attempts to exemplify how complex patterns and behavior naturally arise from the successive buildup of small interactions within ourselves, others and, of course, nature - my boundless inspiration. To mimic the confidence and sublimity of nature, I'm using bold lines to create complexly patterned bird-forms that hang on the precipice of fantasy juxtaposed with photography that attempts to capture the "reality" of perception. By mixing mediums, handicraft as well as technology, these prints attempt to marry divergent realms of our existence. While birds have been a consistent inspiration in my work due to their symbolism, beauty and grace, I'm choosing to focus more on other aspects of their lives. I'm now seeing them as storytellers, our close emissaries of the natural world, and as characters with quirks and behaviors that parallel our own. Meaning in my life is illuminated when I'm in nature and from my encounters with birds. In addition to drawing from this, I use photography by itself as a way to create moments of storytelling. I am also inspired by the notion of emergence, which has traversed the fields of inquiry from philosophy, religion and science to recognize how complexity arises from simple interactions or rules - including how life comes to be.