Soft Verges


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Soft verges are to be found lining busy A roads in England. On a recent road trip, a sign saying, 'Soft Verges' stood out in a significant way to the artist. It was an autumn day, clear and sunny and the verges even looked 'soft' and were backed by rolling hills and golden leaved-trees. This notion of having somewhere soft to pull over safely on a long trip resonated deeply with the artist. She was also considering her mind and memory in particular, encased in a skull, in a body, in a car, moving at speed. The juxtaposition to the soft verges seemed profoundly comforting. The pale greens and earth tones represent the soft verges, the kind lay-bys life sometimes provides in the midst of business and the trying to get somewhere. The diagonal streak across the painting represents memories being tenderised(it has been literally softened out).