Swimmers 871 Last line always believe in yourself


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The Swimmers Collection MANIFESTO: 1. We are all Swimmers in a constantly changing sea. 2. You are in charge of your attitude and your direction. 3. Don´t follow the rest. 4. Forget what people expect from you. 5. Be the one swimmer that goes against the grain, full of confidence on your way to achieving what you want. Everyone in this life is a swimmer in a constantly changing sea. Without realizing it, I have been painting a swimmer who goes in the opposite direction to the rest because that is how I felt when I realised that I have come to this life to paint, and it is also how I feel when I take the brush: free, unique, swimming in the direction that is born from the deepest part of me. That swimmer is the possibility of being ourselves: it's me, it's you. Remember: “You can swim in the direction you feel, it's your way. You just have to trustâ€