Treble Clef (15×10 in)


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"Liquid Expressions is a photography series, product of exploring universes hidden from everyday view, shelter of what we never see. With high-speed macrophotography I capture unique images, without trying to make evident of what´s already seen in colliding liquids, finding abstract moments that trigger the fascination and invite the imagination to fly. There is no doubt, photography has no limits. There are so many possibilities to capture moments that I can´t stop this exciting adventure to stop time at milliseconds and find that small unnoticed events, are eccentric festivals of forms and colors. The first time I caught a drop colliding, I knew it was the beginning of a fascinating journey of learning and that without technique would be impossible to do. Now, after a lot of experimentation, tools made to my needs, physics of liquids, flashing lights, endless details and many nights of work, I can stop time between 1/16,000 and 1/32,000 of a second and present these stunning organic shapes that leave the hideout of a fleeting moment. Alchemy to affect the color and elasticity of liquids, electronics, light, numbers that change the way the forms speak, is a delight to get to this moment and watch as the liquids also express. Liquid dance, a mixture of colors, chaos and control, the technique allows me to rejoice again and share aesthetic experiences."