Urban Portrait 5


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For years I have been fascinated by relief printmaking. My first attempts were back in 2000. My work today is very much based on concepts from that time. Since I joined New Grounds Print Workshop in 2007, I have been able to improve technically and have been inspired by fellow artists. I feel that with each completed piece, I grow as an artist as well as strengthen my technical skills. I work in black and white to lend a timeless feel to my prints. I start with a sketch of an idea, and transfer that to a plate of either linoleum or wood. As I carve my image, I use the sketch as a rough guide, and then select the appropriate tool for the line work desired. On a good day, this is a very meditative process and I can lose myself in it for hours at a time. My subject matter comes from the world around me, skewed slightly by my own interpretation. I enjoy carving and I find that depending on the medium, my work takes on slightly different themes. For instance, my woodblocks tend to be nature-themed while my linoleum prints tend to be more urban. My work of late is focused on the beauty of man-made structures such as buildings, power lines, and bridges against natural settings which include the sky, moon, or trees.