Wishing You Peace


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A special sculpture-like work from my "Peace" series that I started in 2018. I love to work on wood and with wax, so that the painting will have a lot of painting traces, mark making, scratches, some things hidden under the wax and becoming more distant, a milky and misty atmosphere, some things are scratched on top and emphazised in the wax to be seen more clearly. The wax will give a special finish to the painting that is nice to touch and shows its own marks and scratches. You will see two doves that remind me of a strong couple or of two strong friends that will bring peace and wisdom into the world. I believe that this world needs strong couples, friendship, love, peace and more wisdom very much. Together we can make this world a much more peaceful place - all we need to do is start in our own lives! 60x60x5 cm, mixed media and wax layers on wood. Signed on the back, ready to hang with hook on the back. Sides are painted and part of the painting. The painting is done on a big wooden panel box, so can also stand like a sculpture instead of hanging. Certificate of Authenticity included. Attention: The work is finished and sealed with wax. The wax can start to melt at constant temperatures above 60 Celsius, so don??t put the painting too close to a fireplace. Normal daylight and sunlight is no problem. (c) Gesa Reuter 2019 Please be aware that colors may differ on different monitors. This painting contains a lot of grey, white, blue and pink colors. It has some texture due to the many layers of color and wax on it.