Zenscape 18


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Growing up in an artistic family Michael Josef was exposed to art and music developing a passion for painting at a young age. His love of art drove his exploration of paint and process. Josef's knowledge and years of studio experience enable him to brilliantly guide paint into releasing it's natural energy, capturing forever on canvas the organic ebb and flow found in nature. "I believe in one universal energy that flows through everything and everyone. A small part of this energy is captured on my canvases, giving visual life to the energy around us. I've set out to capture a part of the energy found in natural phenomena, the crash of waves, undersea volcanoes, the contours of the canyons, arctic icebergs, wildfires and the rush and flow of streams. Capturing the aggressive beauty of nature in my paintings. " He has exhibited at the Laguna Art Museum, Huntington Beach Art Center, Riverside Art Museum and San Diego Art Museum.